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Inspired by editorial hair...

I was preparing for a photoshoot in Toronto and needed some hair accessories to add to the model's hair. After a few shopping attempts and noticing that the mainstream hair accessory selection was either too cutesy, girly or super young looking - I decided to go home and try making something that fit the editorial vibe, something cool and wearable. Shortly after this, HAIR IS FASHION naturally evolved and has quickly been adorned by hundreds of women so far.

Each piece is made in limited quantities and hand assembled using Swarovski crystals, stones, holographic jems and other unique materials I can get my hands on. 
I believe in being in love with your style, something that is distinctive and special to you - whether it's rocking a concert T and jeans or a sweatshirt and some hoops. I envision you enjoying your overall look with your hair accessory being that finishing touch!

Made with love, fashion and street style in mind, for the Cool Girl in you!